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October 28, 2016

Girl Meets Game: Spooky Games for Halloween!

I truly can’t believe I haven’t posted anything Halloween related here on the blog yet. It’s a favorite holiday of mine for so many reasons, but this year it feels as though it really snuck up on me. The exciting news is that though I’ve been slacking here, I did manage to put together a fun little post for my first ever guest blog entry over at Gabriella’s Nerdette At Large! In it I discussed some of my Halloween traditions, including my favorite films and television shows to watch. Give it a read here!

In addition, I do want to talk spooky video games! Now, my list here is probably going to be pretty tame compared to most as I just don’t have a lot of experience playing horror games. But I do think these are some fun games with Halloween vibes that a wide audience can enjoy.

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