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June 12, 2016

Watch: New Mass Effect: Andromeda Teaser

So I may have been a bit late joining the Bioware fanbase, but it’s worth knowing that Mass Effect is currently my all time favorite game series. It’s for that reason I have a high level of investment in the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda. This new game takes place galaxies away from the previous trilogy and Commander Shepard, following a new group of adventurers in the vastness of space. We have yet to receive much more information, other than that the crew is on the search for a new place humanity can call home, but it certainly has my attention regardless. We now have new (albeit blink-and-you-miss brief) footage of the game released at E3 earlier. Amidst all the devastation today, news of this game has been a bright spot for me so I wanted to share it here as well. Watch the behind the scenes teaser below:

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May 12, 2016

Watch: Michael Fassbender in First Trailer for ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Film

So I’ve dabbled in the Assassin’s Creed games on and off – mainly I played through the famed Desmond “Hey Wassa-Matta-You” Miles saga. Overall I enjoyed these, and intend to play more when I have the opportunity. When I heard there would be a film adaptation, as with any adaptation these days I was skeptical. I will fully admit I loved every Mortal Kombat and also the Tomb Raider films with Angelina Jolie, okay. Don’t judge. But it’s tricky to recreate the experience that goes with playing a game through just watching.

I thought at first for sure they would adapt Desmond’s story, and obviously there will be similarities regardless, but my interest was especially piqued when it was confirmed the film will feature original characters within the verse. I’ve since followed news for the film, which boasts a cast including star Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard and my personal favorite Michael Kenneth Williams.

Today the first trailer has been released, and I feel compelled to share it here.

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