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March 5, 2017

Layla Lists: My Personal #SignalBoost

So if you haven’t caught my ramblings on twitter, I should let you know I’m a pretty major Critter – aka fan of the web show Critical Role. Watching a group of nerdy-ass voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons for many, many hours has introduced me to a many fun things. In particular, I have them to thank for introducing me to both the brilliant force of nature that is Marisha Ray. Together with Geek & Sundry, Ray helped to launch a new web show called Signal Boost. The concept is pretty simple. Each host shares a small number of things out there in the world that deserve a boost. It’s really an opportunity to talk about some things you appreciate that may not get the attention you feel they should. And in turn, you hope that someone else will find a new fixation to enjoy.

I’ve explained enough I think, so let me go ahead and get to the Signal Boosting already! Here are a few things I would like to share with you, some perhaps more established than others.

Gaming: Regency Love
I’ve already written about this mobile game / interactive novel by Tea For Three Studios before on the blog (my very first post, in fact) but I really can’t express enough how much I loved it. If you are at all interested in 1) romance games 2) visual novels or 3) Jane Austen and Regency period history it is a must! I’ve played several times now and haven’t gotten all the achievements or endings so it’s not something you will buy and never touch again. Also, it was made entirely by a team of three talented ladies who seem to have put a lot of love into it. Regency Love can be bought in the App Store (sorry Androiders!).

Gaming: Apotheon
I actually have no idea what level of notoriety this game has, but it’s so beautifully done that I want to give it a mention. Apotheon, by Alientrap Games, is a 2-D action rpg game based in ancient Greek mythology. More than that, the game is designed in the style of ancient Greek black-figure pottery so you are literally guiding your protagonist Nikandreos on his adventure through art. It’s beautiful and at the same time exciting, in parts amusing. Apotheon is available to buy via several game retailers.

Viewing: KayPikeFashion
If you need a dose of positivity in your life, you absolutely need to check out the Kay Pike streams on Twitch. It’s one of the happiest, most creative places on the internet not only because of Kay’s welcoming spirit, but also the warm community that has formed around her. “Come for the art, stay for the friends” is a slogan often used to describe the fun. Kay is a bodypainter who regularly transforms herself into characters straight out of comic books (or the occasional video game!) and streams the near entire day long process with us all. If you haven’t seen photos of her work, which might be difficult as they’ve gone completely viral across the web, you definitely need to see those too. KayPikeFashion streams live on Twitch at various times throughout the week (with new paints Saturday and Wednesday) – look for me in the chat where I hang out sometimes too! Check out her past work on Etsy.

Viewing: Inhuman Condition
Written and created by RJ Lackie, Inhuman Condition is a web series that presents a different take on the typical supernatural genre. I won’t go too far into detail, but the series follows a group of patients and their therapist – each with different stories, abilities and troubles – as they all try to navigate the world. It’s incredibly gripping storytelling and I’m hoping the more fans I can gather the more likely we’ll get more! Please be warned that it can get pretty dark in parts. Inhuman Condition is available to watch in its entirety on KindaTV’s YouTube channel.

Viewing: Ip Man 1 – 3
It would be laughable for these films to feature in any signal boost list in China where they are a huge deal for good reason, but I feel compelled to include them as I don’t see near enough appreciation for them here stateside. With all the waves starring actor Donnie Yen has been making here though, I have no doubt that will be changing soon! It feels timely to give Ip Man a mention. The films follow the titular character, a martial artist and instructor whose story, based in truth, is nothing short of incredible. The plot is a perfect blend of drama and action, with amazing fight sequences. There’s even a fourth movie for the series still in the works! The Ip Man films can be streamed on Netflix in the US or of course bought in physical form.

Listening: Phildel
I don’t actually remember how I discovered this talented singer, songwriter and pianist. But what I do remember is that I fell instantly in love from the first song. It’s hard to explain, but her songs have such a dreamy, thoughtful quality to them that lingers when I listen. She also has an album of instrumentals (called Qi) that are wonderful for inspiring background music. Phildel has music available most places you can buy music. She also recently gave birth to some adorable baby twins!

Reading: Rogues of the Republic
This is a series of three books I’m nearly finished and so I’m at the height of my adoration for the strange collection of characters it features. Rogues of the Republic is a fantasy series following protagonist Loch and the diverse group of allies she gathers first for a good old fashioned heist and later to save the world, as one does. Written by Patrick Weekes of Bioware and Dragon Age fame (often associated with certain egg affiliated life ruiners), the books are best described as really a fun time. There are moments of cliche and sometimes plot can be chaotic but when it comes down to it I just really love the people these books bring to life. Or I should say, people, fairy creatures and death goddesses. The Palace Job, The Prophecy Con and The Paladin Caper are available many places you can buy books including Amazon.

So, there’s my first Signal Boost done! I’m hoping I can do some more of these in the future. What out there would you like to give a little boost? Books, shows, artists, food, anything! Feel free to share in the comments here, or make a post of your own. I’d love a link if you do!

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